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Solidscape-Pro high precision 3D printer

We Sell Solidscape 3D Printers in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, & Montana

Solidscape 3D Wax printers now make any design a reality. 3Z printers offer the highest resolution with 100% burnout. Solidscape 3D printers have been used around the world for over 20 years. Now at a price point that all custom designers using CAD  can afford. It’s a reality that’s sweeping the nation, touching almost every industry imaginable. With 3D wax printers, we can produce virtually any object with speed, accuracy, and cost-effective technique. Our prototypes meet our clients’ goals and exceed their expectations.


Buying Solidscape 3D Printers

Buying a Solidscape 3D printer is an important decision that should be made with complete trust. As such, our dedicated staff spends the time to speak with each client about their personal needs and the needs of their company to decide whether buying a 3D printer is the best option.

  • Accurate Wax Jewelry Prints
  • Pre-assembled, fully functional ease
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Unmatched resolution
  • 100% Wax Casting, unlike resin machines

We offer products from Stratasys, one of the top 3d printer manufacturers on the market today. The Solidscape 3Z series is ideal for the home or workplace, transforming your ideas into tangible, exciting products. These printers can fit on a desktop, and offer the most convenient, practical way give life to an idea, opening the doors to endless possibilities.

Wax Model Violin Player winning design by Oliver Borgardts of Germany

Solidscape 3Z Studio

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Solidscape 3D printer,3Z Studio is the first in a series of printers. Easy to use and small enough to fit on a desktop, the Studio prints high-quality, durable models quickly and to perfection. The Studio is affordable way to turn creative ideas into functional concept models. From industry to industry, designers and engineers have found great success with the accessibility and efficiency of Solidscape.

Solidscape-MAX2 High Precision 3D printer

Solidscape 3Z Max2

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Modeling with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology is easier than ever before with the Solidscape Max2. Known as the “do-it-all printer”, the uPrint SE gives professionals across the world the opportunity to transform design into tangible, high-quality prototypes and models. With durability, accuracy, and stability at the focus of every print, the manufacturing process is achievable right at your desktop. Perfect for busy professionals, the uPrint SE offers continuous print time to increase productivity dramatically. For the most advanced modeling around, uPrint SE is the solution for you.

Stratasys cleaner

SCA-1200 Model Cleaner

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We only offer the finest products to our customers. Purchasing a 3D printer is a big decision. Our knowledgeable staff will help you during this time to meet your professional needs with perfection. These printers are pre-assembled, so the production process can begin right away!

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