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We are a full-service rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing company with the ability to create virtually any concept model or product through our advanced product development services. Turning an idea into a tangible part or product used to seem far-fetched. Today, we transform these ideas into professional, high-quality parts and products with efficiency, accuracy, durability, and speed.

The product development life cycle has shrunk tremendously thanks to 3D printing and rapid prototyping. Verifying designs and testing products is critical during the beginning phases of product development services, and we offer the tools and expertise to get your project off of the ground right away.

We offer the following product development services in Montana, regionally, and internationally:

LS Laser Sintering

Laser Sintering product development services

Using a CO2 laser, the Laser Sintering (LS) technology fuses metal powders and thermoplastic in many different capacities. Taking sliced CAD data, LS Laser Sintering is able to produce models, end-use products, functional prototypes, and casting patterns layer-by-layer. As technology has continued to advance, the LS process has made great improvements to our ability to quickly produce end-use parts, making the manufacturing process easy and efficient.

The following are some of the most important benefits of LS Laser Sintering:

  • Precise details for working parts
  • Cosmetic and/or aesthetic applications
  • Exceptional dimensional accuracy
  • Quick production, faster than machining
  • Living hinge capabilities
  • High-flex snaps capabilities
  • Impact resistant
  • Complex geometrics rapidly produced
  • Durable parts
  • Cost-effective production
  • Material-specific properties

From the aerospace industry to the medical industry, and from consumer products to industrial products, manufacturers have used LS Laser Sintering to produce complex designs using metals, nylon, plastics, and elastomers. From prototypes to end-use part manufacturing, LS Laser Sintering has been the solution for designers and engineers of all kinds.

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Stereolithography Product Development Services

Smooth finishing and incredibly fine detail make SL Stereolithography one of our most successful product development services to date. With a UV laser, epoxy-based, photopolymer resins solidify to create functional parts composed layer-by-layer. From normal to high-resolution build styles, SL Stereolithography produces highly detailed parts and models rapidly and with unmatched aesthetic components.

SL Stereolithography provides the following benefits:

  • Smooth surface finishing
  • Incredibly fine detail
  • Layers about .002 inch
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Normal to high-resolution build styles
  • Varying optical, thermal, and mechanical properties
  • Cosmetic applications
  • Presentation applications
  • Light-duty prototypes
  • Aesthetic models
  • Casting patterns

Mimicking properties of ABS, polypropylene, and polycarbonate, SL Stereolithography is transparent, opaque, and clear. Industries of all kinds from oil and gas to medical to automotive to commercial and industrial companies have used the power of SL Stereolithography to boost productivity and increase overall efficiency.

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3D Printing

3d printed chain
3D printing with Polyjet, ZCorp (color), Projet, and FDM (true ABS plastic) is one of our most high-demand product development services. Creating 3D objects has never been this easy. From prototypes to functional products, 3D printing has truly propelled the printing industry to new heights. At Our customers can choose from:

  • Polyjey
  • ZCorp
  • Projet
  • FDM

Dependent upon the particular project and specific needs, our staff will help customers to decide the best course of action. Options range from color choice to layer thickness to materials used. Together, we will find the most efficient, cost-effective way to meet your personal needs. From architectural models to concept evaluations to basic appearance models, working with 3D Printing Color is the most direct path from idea to product.

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Casting / Molding

3d printed jewelry
While engineers have used the casting process for over 6,000 years, modern technology has provided creative ways to transform castings / moldings into incredible prototypes, functional parts, and beautiful models. The process includes creating metal, thermoset, or thermoplastic parts through pouring and/or injecting molten material, allowing for the cooling process to complete, and then detaching the solidified part from the cavity. We offer casting / molding for various alloys and metals both ferrous and non-ferrous.

Casting and Molding has a variety of benefits:

  • Cast/mold creation
  • Production of concept models, functional parts, and prototypes
  • Ability to use metals and alloys
  • Excellent for first-run parts
  • Wide range of available materials
  • Accuracy, durability
  • Complex end-use part creation

In order to extract the casted or molded parts successfully, we help each customer make a plan that achieves their goals quickly and precisely.

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Post Process / Finishing

Post Finishing Product Development ServicesWhen it comes to prototyping at 3D Printing Color, we believe that the post process / finishing aspect is among the most important of our product development services. With an array of available finishes, the prototype, concept model, functional part, end-use part, or casting pattern is able to look and feel the way it should. We take pride in offering an unmatched, flawless finished product.

3D Printing Color’s post-process / finishing options include:

  • Sanding
  • Prime, Pain, Clear Coating
  • Polish and Texture
  • Plating

From color-matching to texturing to basic finishing, our staff works diligently to make sure that we accommodate your every need. Meeting your exact specifications is our promise. With our product development services, you will receive a customized finishing solution that fulfills all your post-production requirements. Contact us today!

About Our Company

Marc Milisavljevich prototyping company

Standing next to one of the 3D printers, Marc Milisavljevich, right, describes the unlimited possibilities of items that can be created.

3D Printing Color was born from a personal need to print prototypes. From holographic design to plaster construction, Marc Milisavljevich struggled to find a cost-effective, accurate, high-quality way to create a replica of Elvis Presley. After quite a bit of research, Marc discovered that 3D printing was the obvious solution. With a personal need to replicate and mass produce prototypes, 3D Printing Color was formulated and Marc hasn’t looked back since.

A personal connection to 3D printing has brought an unmatched passion and drive that truly shows. Unlike the average prototyping company, we offer advantages that keep customers coming back time and time again. Using 3D Systems, ZCorp, Stratasys, and Objet, we take pride in our ability to create any prototype under the sun.

The difference is simple:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • NO Minimum Orders
  • Fast Production & Shipping
  • Custom Product Creation
  • International Services
  • Passion for Prototyping

With the “you design it, we print it” mentality, no project is too complex. We deliver top-quality production to your front door. It’s that easy.

The Future of Prototyping & Manufacturing

We understand that the concept of turning an idea into a reality is multi-faceted. As such, our artists department allows for the creation of virtually any custom product. Customers come to our prototyping company looking for all sorts of different products and prototypes. We treat the development method as a team process, allowing for our expertise to blend with your vision for the perfect final product.

Our dedicated staff delivers passion and care to each and every print project. A prototype is truly the first step toward limitless success. It’s time to get your vision off the ground.