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With 3D Printing Color, getting your product to market is faster and more efficient than ever before. We offer 3D Jewelry Wax printing services, Custom design,CAD,rapid prototyping, and rapid manufacturing. Just submit your design, then we scan it, print it, and send it right to you! We print in Montana, regionally, and internationally. Are you ready to get your product development phase off of the ground? Contact us today to turn your designs into reality!

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How Wax Pattern 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing the Jewelry Industry

3d printed wax ring

Wax casting (also known as “lost-wax casting” or “investment casting”) is the art of creating metal sculptures out of wax molds. With this technique, a model of the desired design is hand-crafted from wax, then covered in plaster or any material that can withstand high heats. After the wax is removed, molten metal is poured […]