3D Wax Printing Service

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With 3D Printing Wax Jewelry , we create custom wax patterns to be used in the casting and manufacturing of metal products. From your CAD (computer-aided design) file, we create a high-quality, fully castable wax master that can be used in a variety of industries:

  • Solidscape 3D Printers are the leaders in custom jewelry and design.
  • Casting gold or platinum jewelry with fine levels of detail, such as lattice and filigree designs.
  • Producing medical materials that require high precision, such as dental restorations.

Affordable, High-Precision 3D Wax Printing

Traditional investment casting (or “lost-wax casting”) is the technique of using a hand-crafted wax model to cast and manufacture detailed metal parts. This hasn’t always been a viable choice for small businesses, since the process can be expensive, the models take time to create, and they often have small imperfections that are visible in the finished products.

But with the help of the latest high-speed 3D wax printers, we’re able to create smooth, precise wax patterns that are ready for casting in less turnaround time than ever before. There’s no need to choose between precision, speed, and price — 3D Printing Wax Jewelry is an affordable solution that works for a business of any size.

wax growing automotive manifold

Wax-grown automotive manifold

We Make Parts!Quote
In addition to growing wax patterns, we can use rapid manufacturing to cast and manufacture your parts in metal, titanium, fiberglass, and other materials. Now you can turn your ideas from designs to finished metal parts with all the speed and cost benefits that 3D wax growing provides.

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3D Wax Printing offers True wax growing  ,CAD and Casting service in Montana and across the nation. Contact us now for your free quote, or call us at (855) 860-4700.