About Our Prototyping Company

Marc Milisavljevich prototyping company

Standing next to one of the 3D printers, Marc Milisavljevich, right, describes the unlimited possibilities of items that can be created.

3D Printing Color was born from a personal need to print prototypes. From holographic design to plaster construction, Marc Milisavljevich struggled to find a cost-effective, accurate, high-quality way to create a replica of Elvis Presley. After quite a bit of research, Marc discovered that 3D printing was the obvious solution. With a personal need to replicate and mass produce prototypes, 3D Printing Color was formulated and Marc hasn’t looked back since.

A personal connection to 3D printing has brought an unmatched passion and drive that truly shows. Unlike the average prototyping company, we offer advantages that keep customers coming back time and time again. Using 3D Systems, ZCorp, Stratasys, and Objet, we take pride in our ability to create any prototype under the sun.

The difference is simple:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • NO Minimum Orders
  • Fast Production & Shipping
  • Custom Product Creation
  • International Services
  • Passion for Prototyping

With the “you design it, we print it” mentality, no project is too complex. We deliver top-quality production to your front door. It’s that easy.

The Future of Prototyping & Manufacturing

protoyping company

Family members Milana, Tina, Marc and Caleb Milisavljevich, left to right, demonstrate the software and hardware they use at their office.

We understand that the concept of turning an idea into a reality is multi-faceted. As such, our artists department allows for the creation of virtually any custom product. Customers come to our prototyping company looking for all sorts of different products and prototypes. We treat the development method as a team process, allowing for our expertise to blend with your vision for the perfect final product.

Our dedicated staff delivers passion and care to each and every print project. A prototype is truly the first step toward limitless success. It’s time to get your vision off the ground.

To learn more about us view the recent newspaper article about our work in the Flathead Beacon. Call us at 800-900-1726 today to get started!